buhostours Inca trail, Crater Maragua

Inca trail, Crater Maragua

Maragua is a tourist site for its Inca trail and its geological formations (crater). This tour is located 47 km from the City of Sucre and has a height of 3060 m.a.s.l. To reach this attraction we must travel for 1 1/2 in later transport we will begin to make a walk full of beautiful landscapes on the Inca route, the road is largely cobbled, this will facilitate the descent of the walk for approximately 2 hours at At the end of the road we will return to the transport to reach the crater and the throat of the devil. The Maragua crater or also called Marawa has an extension of approximately 8 km. In the center of the crater lives one of the communities that is dedicated to textiles, which will teach us how they work and live. In the rainy season, the water focuses and forms rivers and becomes one of the drainage passages through the center of the crater and goes down the famous Devil's Throat forming a beautiful waterfall.

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buhostours SALAR DE UYUNI (1 DAY)


Salar de Uyuni is located in Potosi´s Department, the largest and highest salt desert in the world. The surface area is 10,582 km2 and its height is 3650 m.a.s.l. It has become one of the best natural attractions managing to show its great extension of salt and the largest lithium reserve in the world. In addition, it became part of the past cultures (Tiwanaku and Incas) that left us with prestige in this place thanks to its great Islands that exist in the desert.

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