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Copacabana located 155 km from La Paz city, has a altitude 3800 m.a.s.l. This place is situated on the shores of Titicaca Lake, it is considered as religious center for two religious as catholic and andina. Nowadays many pilgrims that come for faith. Also Copacabana has many islands but there is the main important Sun Island (isla del sol), where you appreciate the mountain range (Los Andes), Archeologic Ruins as Pilkokaina Palace, Incas Steps and Water Source made by Incas.  

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From USD 79

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First Day

Departure between 07:00 to 08:10 am in this hour we pick up you of different accommodation (It depend where is located your hotel). Once culminated, we continue to Copacabana so on the middle route there is a ferry Tiquina one stop obligator for cross by boat one for people and another for buses, after we still our trip so from La Paz to Copacabana has 4 hours a proximality. Then our guide explains about Copacabana town as Church, traditional markets, Sun Island (south part) as Pilkokaina Palace, Inca Steps and Water Source. In our itinerary we have one hour for delicious lunch in Copacabana. Choose to stay in Isla del Sol or in Copacabana town.

Second Day

Morning free. At 1:00 PM we take the bus to return to La Paz city. Or you can also continue your trip to Peru. The arrival to the city of La Paz is provided at approximately 5:30 pm. It will end at the city center for everyone.


Tour with Group

The touristic attraction has a hight of 3800 m.a.s.l. located to shore Titicaca Lake.

The weather, always it may change so there should be foresee.

Always, carry your passport and migration card.

Our transport picks up from accommodation only on downtown, once confirmed we have to send you the time that we go in your hotel.

The route to Copacabana has a ferry that cross, so you have to take a boat  passport and migration card. (Cost boat Bs 2.- per person and one way)

Our visit are Copacabana town and Sun Island (South Part)

Choose to stay in Copacabana town or Isla del Sol. 

When finish our tour we should to know if you come back to La Paz City or continiun to Peru for book the transport. 


  1. La Paz
  2. Copacabana
  3. Isla del Sol