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We offer transportation in tourist or public buses from the city of La Paz to the town of Uyuni or vice versa (Uyuni to La Paz). The buses have different types, it can be bed or semi-bed, all this will depend on your comfort.
The journey from La Paz to the town of Uyuni lasts approximately 09 to 10 hours, there are only night departures on both routes. The highway from La Paz to Uyuni has a distance of 541 km or 336 miles.

Bus from La Paz to Uyuni, has departures:
- Bed Bus 21:00
- Semi-bed bus 21:00

Bus from Uyuni to La Paz, you have departures:
- Bed Bus 20:00
- Semi-bed bus 20:00

Note: Schedules can always change when there are social conflicts, holidays, and other force majeure.

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From USD 24.99

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Bus from La Paz to Uyuni has different types of departures:
- Tourist Bus (Semi bed) leaves at 9:00 p.m. from the meeting point. Later we will travel for approximately 09 to 10 hours, we will make a small stop along the way to change drivers and then we will continue towards Uyuni. Normally we will arrive between 07:00 am approximately.
- Normal Bus (Cama and Semi-Cama) leaves at 21:00, this bus will travel between 10 to 11 hours until it reaches the town of Uyuni. On the way we will have a stop to buy something or just to move around a bit. Later we resume the route to Uyuni and in the same way we would be arriving at approximately 7:00 am.

Bus from Uyuni to La Paz has different buses:
- Tourist or Public Bus, leaves at 20:00. Once boarded the bus we will travel for approximately 10 to 11 hours, in the middle of the way we will make a stop to change drivers, and in the case of the public bus it will stop at a small store for anything they wanted. Once the stop is made, we return to the bus to continue to the City of La Paz at approximately 07:00 am.
The schedules are subject to schedule changes for different reasons, such as social demonstrations, blockades and other force majeure.


- Shared Transportation
- Take into account the type of bus and departures.
- Departures from La Paz to Uyuni at 21:00 sleeper bus (Public).
- Departure from La Paz to Uyuni at 21:00 semi-bed bus (Tourist).
- Departure from Uyuni to La Paz at 20:00 both buses.
- Does not include the ticket for the right to use terminal Bs 2.- (buy at the bus station).
- We must send a second email for your confirmation of the ticket.


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